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Commercial planning and leasing

Nortecon's primary activities are the planning and leasing of commercial properties. We work together with customers to planning, develop and implement shopping centers and commercial properties that function well and suit the appropriate markets. Careful planning and effective implementation play a key role in achieving goals.
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Commercial and operational planning

Good commercial and operational planning create the framework for the shopping center or commercial property to succeed. It is often difficult, expensive, and even impossible to change operational decisions once they have been made. We have solid professional experience in finding the best solutions.

Commercial planning

Plot and block planning

Maintenance and customer route planning

Store layout and dimensioning planning


Concept planning

Finding the right tenant mix for the markets and placing different concepts within the shopping center is important to ensure that customers feel that the shopping center is the most interesting place to shop. Through successful concept planning, we can build entities which improve tenants' operational environment while increasing the value of the building. We are already familiar with existing and new retail operators' needs, expectations and plans to expand.

Planning a tenant mix by operating industry

Specifying a level and structure of rent

Rental income and investment calculations

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Marketing and leasing

The commercial, operational and conceptual planning will be implemented through the marketing and leasing of the site.

Planning of tenant marketing material

Searching for potential tenants

Lease agreement negotiations

Making lease agreements


Shopping center management

Successful commercial management makes centers both more appealing and valuable. Our main goal is to create productive co-operation between the customers, tenants and owners. We also aim to enhance the properties' appeal based on profound market analysis and knowledge of the customers.

Understanding the customers' demands for the center and planning the operation accordingly

Creating key performance indicators and developing centers accordingly

Planning and implementing successful marketing activities

Securing operational processes and making swift corrections when necessary

Our professional specialists are also happy to help with the following issues relating to property development and management.

Market analyses

Various surveys, reports and analyses are often behind successful planning and development work. We are highly familiar with the markets and we use the best tools available. Our lengthy experience creates a sturdy support for our customer's decision-making.

Our survey and analysis services:

  • Population development surveys
  • Purchasing power surveys
  • Market area surveys
  • Competitivity analyses
  • Commercial evaluations and statements

Property development

In property development, it is key to realize a site's commercial potential. We have experience with several different kinds of development projects from zoning investigations to specifying commercial content.

Our property development services:

  • Zoning-related investigations
  • Commercial analyses of the site to be developed
  • Profit and profitability calculations
  • Specifying commercial content

Services for retail

  • Strategic advice
  • Store placement strategy
  • Analysis and development of store network
  • Analysis of rent levels
  • Negotiations concerning leasing terms and lease agreements


Oy Nortecon Ab | Kiinteistöjen toiminnallinen suunnittelu

Established in 1990, Nortecon is an independent Finnish commercial property developer and commercial planner.

Together with our clients, we have been involved in creating some of Finland's most significant shopping centers and business properties. Our strength is our extensive and lengthy experience with various property development projects and retail.

We are a member of ICSC, NCSC, Suomen Kauppakeskusyhdistys ry and Elävät Kaupunkikeskustat ry.

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